Finca Matapalo

Finca Matapalo


SPOT LOT # 1344
Region Chanchamayo, Junín
Farmer Shared-X
Town San Luis De Shuaro
Elevation 1450-1800 MASL
Varieties Bourbon, Gesha, Caturra, Typica, Catimore
Process Washed
Harvest date July - September 2019
Phone # 1 (267) 281-0528

Honey, Vanilla, Lemon, Tea; Big body & high acidity.

Finca Matapalo is an 18-hectare specialty coffee farm located in Chanchamayo, Junin, owned by our parent company, Shared-X Impact Farmers.  Finca Matapalo is also home to the wet mill where all Shared-X coffees begin their processing and drying stages, overseen by our farm manager, Andy, who is a licensed Q Arabica Grader.  

After processing, the coffee is stored in Shared-X’s central distribution center “Entremaderos”, and exported directly to Village Coffee Imports enabling us to have a vertically integrated supply chain.

Finca Matapalo has 13 full-time employees. During harvest, Finca Matapalo’s workforce swells to over 80 employees, including pickers and other farm personnel. They work together to ensure only the best cherries are selected.

Finca Matapalo has been in the Shared-X farm network since 2008 when founder Tony Salas purchased the property. The Finca is named after a tropical tree species which has been known to grow up to 40 meters in height!

Finca Matapalo coffee is grown between 1450-1800 MASL. This altitude allows the coffees to develop more slowly which promotes more sweetness. The farm has 33 different species of natural shade trees which enables Finca Matapalo to receive Rainforest Alliance certification.

Varieties grown on the property include Gesha, Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, and Catimore. 

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