COVID-19 Updates

Village Coffee Imports response, updates & policies during COVID-19 

Our Response

What precautions is Village Coffee Imports taking during this time?

Our staff is working from home, which does include roasting and cupping.  All travel is currently postponed and meetings are held via teleconference.

Are you willing to work with me to develop a payment plan so that I can continue to purchase coffee even with a slower cash flow?

Yes, we are! Please reach out to and together we can ensure you have your coffee needs fulfilled.

Are you still working with your producer partners to ensure financial security?

Absolutely! While origin travel is suspended until travel restrictions are lifted, we remain committed to empowering farmers through better market access. Some of the steps include setting up weekly or biweekly Skype meetings and by continuing to cup while at home. 

Do you anticipate delays in shipping from your warehouse to my Roastery?

Currently, there are no significant delays for ground transportation via LTL carriers. We are constantly requesting updates from our providers and this page will be kept update-to-date if any changes occur.

Are you experiencing delays from origin?

Peru is currently in a state of a national lockdown. While the nation is staying home, the harvest is still underway with slight delays. Pickers, for one, are having trouble accessing the farms they work on.  We are in constant communication with our grower partners regarding their circumstances, and this page will be kept update-to-date to notify you of any significant delays. Ultimately, we haven’t experienced significant delays as of yet, and have already received over 5000KG of fresh crop at our wet mill!

What about ocean freight?

The shipping lines we use aren’t reporting delays within their routes. However, there is reduced labor at the port of Seattle, which means containers are now taking up to a week for pickup and delivery to their warehouses. Please reach out to us directly with any specific concerns.

Are you still receiving fresh crop offer samples?

Yes, although there are delays due to a reduction in DHL services at origin.

What recommendation would you have for roasters?

First and foremost, to stay safe and healthy!  For roasters who do not have a large online presence, now is a great time to build out a webshop and promote through your social media channels.  In addition, if you have the ability to be sold in a grocery store, seize the opportunity.  At-home brewing is at a high point currently, and even after the situation subsides, it is a trend that is likely to remain strong.