About Our Village

Village Coffee Imports’ desire is to discover the best quality coffees while maintaining a chain of value, transparency, and collaboration all the way to your roastery.


Our Goal

To empower farmers through increased yields, higher incomes, and better market access. 

Andreas Wörnle

Andy is Shared-X’s Coffee Quality Control Manager on the ground in Peru. He is a Q-Grader, sommelier de café, roaster, and barista. He is passionate about making an impact through sharing his knowledge with associated farmers and by producing the best coffee.  When not connecting with co-op members, farm employees, and producing fantastic coffees, Andy has been known to spoil the cats on our farms with lots of love and treats!

Zayne Dietterick

Zayne is our sales & operations manager.  He is a licensed Q Grader and level 1 Q Processor.  These certifications allow Zayne and Andy to communicate seamlessly on designing lots with consistent quality, high score, and profile.  It also facilitates efficient communication when they are not cupping together on the farm.  Zayne finished 2nd place in the 2018 US cup tasters championship.  Besides coffee, Zayne loves being able to share stories of farmers and their land through photography.  You can see some of this visual diary on Instagram: @villagecoffeeimports